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Alumni/ae from the Toronto Waldorf School know first hand that a Waldorf education is more than an education and a School; it is a way of life that truly embodies the core of who our alumni/ae are today.

Since our first high school graduation in 1979, Toronto Waldorf School has sent over 2,000 graduates into the world. Our alumni/ae work in a variety of professions and lead very successful and happy lives. Here are the updates and video profiles of some of our alumni/ae.

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Congratulations Class of 2016!  

The Class of 2016 received their high school diplomas on June 16, 2016 in the school forum. Classmates, parents, and faculty shared their memories, and hopes for the future, as well as gratitude with the community as a whole for the memorable journey which for some began in early childhood. It was a magical evening for all!

We congratulate the Class of 2016 and welcome them as Toronto Waldorf School's newest group of alumni/ae!

Toronto Waldorf School Class of 2016

Class of 1996 Reunion

We welcomed the Class of ‘96 for their 20-Year Reunion last Saturday. It was a fun, lively and chatty event! See photos here. Their Grade 11 and 12 Advisor, Leed Jackson, wrote the following beautiful words about it:  

The Class of ‘96 had a wonderful day sharing memories, breathing in the school’s aura of beeswax and the natural environment. They climbed trees, planted a red maple and made beautiful pendants. They laughed, cried and rejoiced in growing a little older and much wiser. You can see them being owls in the trees. The depth and humanity of their love for each other was profound as a fresh water spring. As I walked back from watering the new tree, as the evening sun was setting, a lone swallow flew in circles around my feet and I recalled Oscar Wilde’s story of The Happy Prince. The power of giving and sharing both our joys and sorrows shapes our world into a better place.  

Thank you dear Class of ’96!

 Toronto Waldorf School Class of 2016 Reunion
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