Celebrating our Successes

From the early days when our founders met to bring their vision of Waldorf education to fruition, to our recent wonderful Blacktop event with alumnus Jesse Cook, we have much to celebrate.  Over the years many have participated in the success of Toronto Waldorf School.

The first capital campaign for TWS began in 1972, with a goal of $750,000 to begin building the school. In 1975 an additional $650,000 was targeted to complete the building and furnish it with equipment. Following this a campaign to raise $1.5 million was launched in 1987-89  to fund the expansion of the arts and sports wing. In more recent years funds have been raised through Annual Gift Campaigns, Gala events, a 25th Anniversary celebration with Jesse Cook, a campaign honouring two of our Early Contributing Faculty Members, Helga and Gerhard Rudolph, and even a special gift campaign to purchase desks and chairs.

Throughout the years, funds have been set aside to support the Tuition Adjustment program. Part of the mission of Toronto Waldorf School is that Waldorf education should be accessible to all families who share our values, regardless of their economic status. Through our Tuition Adjustment program we demonstrate our commitment to this ideal, ensuring the acceptance of a child into our school does not depend solely on the financial resources of the child's family.

Learn more about our recent individual campaigns here:

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