Give While you Shop!

We are partnering with three local companies that we feel are in line with our values and lifestyles as a Waldorf school. These fundraisers have been endorsed both by the Development Office and the Parent Circle. Through these opportunities, we hope to raise some extra funds for TWS as well as promote community.

Fundraiser - Warmth and Weather

Canadian Importers of Organic Wool and Wool/Silk Clothing

Warmth and Weather, a sister company to Mercurius Canada (a school vendor), is offering organic wool and wool/silk under and outer clothing suitable for the whole family, for the fall. They have a retail storefront at My Child Myself, located on Rutherford Rd. behind the school.

The owners of the company, alumni parents Heather Church and Arlene Thorn, are offering a 30 - 40 percent revenue return on each sale through the school. Warmth and Weather will supply a code to interested families in the TWS community, and will forward to the school a donation cheque on a quarterly basis.

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