Faculty & Staff Profiles

This is a listing of all faculty and staff at Toronto Waldorf School for the current school year. Click each name to view his/her biography.

Rachel Aide
Grade 12 Class Advisor; Teacher (Drama, English, Civics, Geography) – High School
Sara Anderson
High School Administrator & Alumni/ae Coordinator - Administration
Sheila Anderson-Masse
Grade 8 Class Teacher; Teacher (English) - Lower School; Teacher (French) - High School
Kate Anthony
Grade 6 Class Teacher - Lower School
Kim Barker
Facilities Manager – Administration
Katja Bazgosha-Alaei
Toddler Program Lead – Early Childhood
Catherine Beecham
Grade 2 Class Teacher - Lower School
Ilse Black
Preschool Lead – Early Childhood
Margaret Bleek
Teacher (Remedial) - Lower School
Mary Jo Clark
Faculty Co-Chair - High School; Grade 10 Class Advisor; Teacher (Phys Ed, Circus, Eurythmy); Athletic Director – Lower School, High School
Stan Cyprys
Teacher (Orchestra) – Lower School, High School
Susan Digby
Teacher (Clay, Wood & Handworks) - Lower School, High School
Eleonora Ebata
Faculty Co-Chair - Lower School; Resource Teacher – Lower School
Joy Elkayam
Kindergarten Assistant [Afternoon] - Early Childhood
Hanna Fam
Preschool Assistant – Early Childhood
Amanda Fischer
Preschool Assistant – Early Childhood
Julie Folino
Grade 3 Class Teacher – Lower School
Michelle Frank
Grade 11 Class Advisor; Counsellor – High School
Helene Gross
Pedagogical Administrator; Teacher (Math) – High School
Anna Gruda
Teacher (Art) – High School
Nabila Halani
Faculty Co-Chair - High School; Grade 12 Class Advisor; Teacher (Math & Social Sciences) – High School
Susan Hayashi
Kindergarten Assistant - Early Childhood
Kathryn Humphrey
Faculty Co-Chair - Lower School; Grade 5 Class Teacher – Lower School
Michelle Huppeler
Office Manager – Administration
Leed Jackson
Grade 9 Class Advisor; Teacher (Physics, Metalwork, Woodwork) – High School
Bruce Junkins
Caretaker – Administration
Katie Ketchum
Director of Admissions – Administration
Genevieve Lennox
Kindergarten Assistant – Early Childhood
Patricia MacMaster
Teacher (English, Careers and Choral Music) – High School
Debbie McAlister
Preschool Lead – Early Childhood
Marianne McIsaac
Teacher (Grade 12 Play) - High School
Mary Meschino-Natale
Teacher (Preschool [Afternoon] & After School) – Early Childhood
Mary Mitchell
Kindergarten Lead - Early Childhood
Rihana Mustapha-Rutledge
Preschool Lead [Afternoon] – Early Childhood
Lea Philpott
Teacher (Kindergarten [Afternoon] & After School) – Early Childhood
Agathe Polach
Teacher (French) – Lower School
Alexander Scalzi
Teacher (History, English & Literature) – High School
Brian Searson
Grade 7 Class Teacher; Teacher (Music, Art) – Lower School
Vandana Sharma
Business Office Accountant – Administration
Inge Shukla
Teacher – Lower School, High School
Nadia Singh
Parent & Tot Assistant – Early Childhood
Jonathan Snow
Teacher (Eurythmy, Movement, Circus) - Lower School, High School
Lucas Sorbara
Teacher – High School, Lower School (On Sabbatical)
Mary Lu Spinney
Grade 4 Class Teacher - Lower School
Michael Szczepankiewicz
Caretaker – Administration
Rasa Tamkeviciene
Kindergarten Lead – Early Childhood
Christine Tansley
Receptionist – Administration
Jintana Ungsengphakorn
Business Office Accountant – Administration
Shubnum Vijan
Grade 10 Class Advisor; Teacher (Biology & Chemistry) – High School
Angelika Warner
Eurythmy – Lower School
Patti Wolfe
Faculty Chair - Early Childhood; Joyful Beginnings, Parent & Tot Lead – Early Childhood
Angelo Zaccheo
Director of Finance and Administration – Administration
Daniel Schulbeck
Teacher (Biology, Business, Geography) - High School
Fejiro Odibo
Marketing and Communications/Social Media Coordinator
Angela Spadafora