TWS Alumna Wins the King's Medal at University of King’s College

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Brenna Sobanski, a graduate for the Class of 2009 and a TWS ‘lifer’, was recently honoured at her graduation from University of King’s College where she was awarded three medals based on her academic excellence. She received the King's Medal, which is given to the graduating student who stands highest in an honours programme in an arts or science subject. She also received university medals in both History of Science and Technology and Social Anthropology (her double majors!). These medals reflect her standing as the student with the highest achievement in each of these disciplines.

We are pleased to pass on an excerpt of the comments that were made at the presentation of the medals by University of King’s College president, George Cooper, who started off by acknowledging that Brenna came to them from Toronto Waldorf School: “Professors have described Brenna as an exceptionally talented and congenial academic, capable of understanding and integrating new ideas with alacrity and acuity. Her interest and intellect in both the sciences and the social sciences were demonstrated when she utilized her linguistic skills to incorporate an insightful, original translation of work by French mathematician, Pierre Simon-LaPlace, into her History of Science and Technology work on the development of the theory of heat. Moreover, her Honours thesis, titled At Home and in the World: the Practise and Meaning of Multilingualism in Halifax, Nova Scotia, stressed the importance of multilingualism through interviews and in-depth original research, for which she was featured on CBC Radio – in French, of course!”

These comments also speak to the cross-curricular and integrated education that Brenna received in her years at Toronto Waldorf School. She is a wonderful ambassador for Waldorf education! Congratulations to Brenna and to her proud parents, Jan Nicholls and Paul Sobanski!

Read the news from the University of King’s College website.