Kathryn Humpreys

Grade Five was showered with flower petals and good wishes  as we departed for the Waldorf Grade 5 Olympics  in East Aurora New York on Thursday May 25. A beautiful send-off for our Olympians!


Thanks to the many very industrious parents our campsite was set up efficiently and between showers.  If was great to have  tents that were dry on the inside.  As it was set on the outside for the entire two days.


Our class was divided up among the various ancient city states of Greece that were represented in the games.  The children were "judged" from the outset of their training in terms of their attitude  toward and participation in the training.  In recognition of her consistent positivity and commitment to the process, Meghan Yeung  was chosen as the torch bearer for our class in the opening torch run and did us proud.


 The city state leaders had positive comments about the comportment and performance of our class.  All of the children competed in sprint, long run, long jump, javelin, discus and wrestling. Many were surprised at how they outdid their best performances from their training during the competition.  We were blessed with 3 laurel wreaths at the close of the games.  The gods smiled especially on India Dostmohamed, Nicole Novoshinov, and Nathan Meschino.  

Congratulations to each of them.  Sepideh Mohmedi was unable to join us on the trip but we took her with us in a two dimensional form.  Many of the Olympic participants wrote messages to Sepideh on her paper.  She was crowned with Nathan's laurel wreath for our class photo.

Many thanks go to Jonathan Snow for the training and preparation for the games.  The children were very well prepared and his sense of humour was a gift throughout the trip.  Thanks also to Katherine and Alexander Scalzi who both helped the class to learn a wonderful Greek dance that they performed very capably under the leadership of Vlada Rak for the girls and Connor Wong for the boys.  They received quite a round of applause for their presentation during the cultural evening the night before the competition.  


Olympiad: A Parent's Perspective

Douglas Yeung

I recently volunteered at the Grade 5 Greek Olympics which was held at the Aurora Waldorf School and was invited to write about it.

I will start by saying that it was an amazing experience for me. It was amazing for me:

  •  To realize how much effort was put into making it happen for the children and how lucky the children are.
  • To spend time with other parents and to learn there is much more to appreciate about them.
  • To see the teachers steadfastly maintaining their role as teachers for such a length of time.
  • To watch the children on the field demonstrate what they learned with seriousness, attentiveness and effort.
  • To recognize that what the Grade 5 Greek Olympics was set out to do for the children, it was happening.

So I thank Paul from the Aurora Waldorf School and all the other organizers for making it happen so smoothly and beautifully.

And I thank Kathryn and Jonathan for their dedication to the children and for emphasizing not only technique but also on performing with grace and beauty.

And I thank my fellow parents who have shown kindness to me and gentleness to the children.