TWS Alumnus Wins Academic Award at Quest University

Friday, May 17, 2013

By Phil Digby, Grade 5 & 10 Parent

For parents looking at university options, Quest University is certainly worth considering for its fit with the Waldorf approach. I recently visited the spectacular campus on a hilltop in Squamish, BC, and saw first-hand the impressive calibre of the fourth-year students making their final research presentations. Quest focuses on liberal arts and sciences degrees, developing students who are grounded in classical thought, to enable them to address contemporary questions.

As my visit was at the year end, I had the pleasure of witnessing Quest's traditional awards ceremony. Not a pompous affair, the award-giving recognized talent and humility at the same time - with a bit of west-coast laid back coolness thrown in for style.

What a pleasure and surprise it was that one of our TWS Alumni, Graeme Stewart-Wilson (07), was presented with the Outstanding Academic Student award, the highest academic award among all the 3rd and 4th-year students. Selected by the faculty for outstanding academic achievement, Graeme received several fine books to get his summer off to a good start.

What impressed me most was the way Graeme's selection recognized those qualities he developed over the course of a TWS education that we would all be proud to see in our children. I managed to obtain a copy of the words from the faculty head, which speak volumes:

"... I can say that Graeme is a stellar student. He is humble, thoughtful, engaged, super smart, polite and unbelievably considerate of others (including the tutors [i.e., professors]). The quality of his work is astounding to me, because he seems equally competent in the humanities as the physical sciences. He even made an appearance in the cabaret. I feel like he has intentionally taken classes that are considered "hard" and despite that has a very high GPA. I see his name short-listed almost every year (every year that he's been around) for many different awards in the past, but he just never wins. I think part of the reason is that he just isn't very showy. He is quite quiet and very humble and though he talks when he has something very important to say or to show gratitude....he doesn't talk unnecessarily and he is very considerate of a tutor's [teacher's] time. He just quietly, with no drama, gets things done."

Many congratulations to Graeme on his well-deserved award. Graeme's mother, Aileen Stewart, who works on the TWS administration team, can be very proud of his achievements. Moreover, Aileen can now (humbly) share this slam dunk with any prospective parents who might also value these qualities for their children!