International Waldorf Students

Consistent with our world-view curriculum, international students are an important part of our TWS High School, for those from other countries as well as our Canadian students. We welcome students who have studied at Waldorf schools in their home countries.

Toronto Waldorf School welcomes exchange and boarding students


Two Programs for International Waldorf Students:

1. Exchange Program

  • French speaking students studying in Grades 10 or 11 at Waldorf schools in their home countries
  • Partnered with a Toronto Waldorf School Grade 10 or 11 student who studies French  
  • The European student studies at TWS for 4 months, living with the partner’s family
  • The TWS student studies in Europe for 4 months, living with the partner’s family
  • European students study ESL (English as a Second Language) at TWS in addition to regular curriculum

2. Boarding Program

  • International students with solid English skills may study at TWS and live with an English-speaking family
  • Students may attend TWS for all or part of a school year
  • May come from any language background, but should have studied at a Waldorf school in their home country
  • ESL classes are offered in addition to regular curriculum


International Experience for Toronto Waldorf School students

  • Our exchange students adapt well to school in Europe, due to:
    • consistency of Waldorf curriculum and teaching methods between Canadian and European Waldorf schools
    • French language study at TWS
  • In Canada and abroad, students
    • experience new cultures
    • practise and improve foreign language skills
    • build life skills
    • establish new relationships
  • The success of these programs gives our High School an international flavour that aligns well with our world-view curriculum.