Tuition Assistance Application Procedures

Online Application Process

  1. Visit
  2. Create a Parent Account Registration where you will be asked to provide your email address;
  3. A verification message stating “account set up” will be sent to the email address you provide;
  4. Once this verification message is received, you will be able to open the online registration form;
  5. At the end of the process, you can upload your tax information such as T4 slips (If you have difficulty uploading this information, you can mark the information “to be mailed in”);
  6. Once all your information is uploaded, the payment section will appear where you can pay the application fee by credit card or debit.

Please phone Apple Financial Services directly if you have any questions about the application form.


Tuition Assistance Funding Process

  1. The Business Office receives and reviews all applications and analysis verifying that eligibility has been met.
  2. The Tuition Assistance Committee reviews all applicants and will determine individual adjustment amounts according to each family’s individual analysis and within the scope of the current Board approved budget.  
  3. Once assistance funding amounts have been determined, the Business Office will issue a new re-enrolment notification indicating to the applicant that they have either qualified for tuition assistance funding or not. If they have qualified, the notification will contain the amount of the assistance, and the deadline for acceptance.
  4. If an applicant finds the Tuition Assistance amount does not meet their needs and they will not be able to enroll their child(ren), they may request a further review by following the process outlined below.
    • A written request must be received in the Business Office, by the acceptance deadline, explaining in full, any circumstances that are felt the committee should consider during the review.     
    • A scheduled meeting may take place between two members of the Tuition Assistance Committee and the applicants, to facilitate dialogue during the review.
    • Once all meetings have been completed, the Tuition Assistance Committee will make final decisions on review adjustments.
  5. All decisions made by the Tuition Assistance Committee are final.  
    • The Committee may choose to consult members of the Finance Committee during the Tuition Assistance process.

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