Tuition Assistance Policy

Basketry at Toronto Waldorf School Tuition Assistance arose out of the desire to make the education at the Toronto Waldorf School as accessible as possible within budget resources.  Consequently, every attempt is made to distribute Tuition Assistance funding as fairly as possible, balancing a family’s desire for quality education with their ability to pay and the overall financial health of the school. It is a fair and equitable process where assistance (a financial adjustment) is granted on the basis of economic need, which is determined by assessing net family income and an analysis of family assets.

The primary responsibility for financing a student’s independent school education rests with the family. Toronto Waldorf School is not in a position to provide Tuition Assistance where lifestyle choices have a negative impact on a family’s ability to pay tuition. The expectation is that all parents will contribute honestly towards tuition and it is expected that both parents seek employment to defray costs if there are no preschool age children at home.

There is also an expectation that families receiving Tuition Assistance will give back to the school in terms of volunteer hours.

Recommended adjustment calculations are based on the Government Cost of Living Standards along with the number of children.

This policy and process will provide the Tuition Assistance Committee with clear guidelines to ensure that all applicants have an equal opportunity to receive financial assistance.  

Selection and Configuration of the Tuition Assistance Committee

The Tuition Assistance Committee is a committee of the Board.

Who should apply

  • Families who do not have the economic means to pay the full contract amount for their children;
  • Families who encounter unexpected financial hardship during the school year (Emergency Tuition Assistance).


  • All students enrolled in a core program with a cost of $17,000 or more are eligible.
  • Families whose Account is in good standing. For the school’s purpose accounts being in ‘good standing’ means that all contracts for the current and any previous year have been paid in full or will be done so according to the contract payment schedule, or current approved Alternate Payment Plan. Please note: Tuition Assistance may be revoked if the account is not in good standing at any time.   


  • The amount of funds available in any given year is determined by the Board.
  • A separate very limited budget amount will be established to respond with financial support for families who encounter an unexpected emergency during the year.

Financial Analysis

  • The net worth of the family will be considered in the awarding of Tuition Assistance. 
  • Business assets will be included in calculating net worth.
  • All sources of income must be declared.


  • Submission deadlines for applications will be strictly adhered to.
  • Returning families will be notified of the deadline with their contract package
  • New families wishing to apply should contact the Admissions Office.  

Policy Review

The Tuition Assistance Committee will review the Tuition Assistance Policy annually and make any recommendations deemed necessary to the Board and revise, as needed, prior to the tuition assistance application process for the next school year.  

Effective Date: February 2015
Prepared by: Finance Committee, the board of Toronto Waldorf School

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