Joyful Beginnings (Birth to 2 Years Old)

Toronto Waldorf School Joyful Beginnings classOur Joyful Beginnings program is for mothers or fathers and their infant or toddler up to 2 years old. Expectant parents are also welcome to participate.

An experienced Waldorf Early Childhood teacher (typically also a mother) leads the group in a series of 90-minute classes.

Each session includes 8 classes, held once a week.


  • Child Observation: children’s early movement patterns and signs of developmental stages
  • Discussion: parenting approaches and helpful hints to support family life
  • Circle time: finger plays, lap games and lullabies
  • Literature: articles will be provided that support class topics and themes

Joyful Beginnings offers:

  • Toronto Waldorf School Joyful Beginnings classa safe and warm social setting
  • a chance to socialize with other parents of young children
  • developmentally appropriate experiences for your child
  • simple songs and verses you can share with your child
  • an opportunity to enhance your observation skills of your child’s development
  • an informal introduction to the Toronto Waldorf School - Education from a deeper perspectiveTM


  • 8-week sessions
  • Cost:$400
  • Fees and Registration:


Attending the Joyful Beginnings program was an absolute pleasure. We looked forward to it every week! We loved the comfortable, peaceful environment, and my child really benefited from the various songs, games and toys. I noticed immediately that her behaviour during class was always calm and focused. She loved the delicious assortment of snacks, and I loved that they were all organic and all natural. I look forward to not only attending more classes with Camilla, but with my other child as well. Thank you for such a wonderful class! - Sharon

The Joyful Beginnings class was a great way to spend some relaxing time with my son, while getting to meet like minded parents in the area. In the rush of early motherhood this class provided a weekly reminder of the fun I can have just sitting and playing with my baby boy. The class encourages parents to observe their child playing with and learning from others, which I found to be a highlight. The conversations with the other parents in the class where a useful resource as we navigated a shifting sleep schedule, changing responsibilities at home and figuring out how to best keep my child warm both outside and indoors.  - Kiara



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