Full Day Kindergarten


The schedule will be adapted to meet the needs of each specific group of children. In addition to the activities described in the Kindergarten main page, the following is unique to the Full Day program:

  • Organic lunch and snacks are served at Toronto Waldorf SchoolA hot, organic lunch is eaten quietly together in the classroom, beginning with a verse of appreciation. This atmosphere helps the children focus on eating lunch after an active morning.
  • Nap time: All children lie down to rest. The teachers play softly on the lyre, sing or perhaps tell a story. Some children sleep while others lie quietly and absorb their day so far. Beeswax modelling or a gentle back massage may help some to settle.
  • Nap time at Toronto Waldorf School KindergartenSnack Break: After nap the children have a nutritious snack or work quietly at the table.
  • Outdoor Play Time: Teachers then take the children to the enclosed Kindergarten garden to play for 30 to 45 minutes after snack break
  • At 3:30pm children are picked up to return home, or stay to attend the After-School program until 6pm at no additional cost.
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