Full Day Preschool Program

Toronto Waldorf School Full Day NurseryFull Day Preschool program is designed to meet the needs of children who will be at school until 3:30pm.

The rhythm of this program is similar to the morning program, while providing a healthy lunch, a rest period and more time outdoors.


The schedule is adapted to meet the needs of each specific group of preschool children.

  • Hot vegetarian lunches, organic whenever possible, are provided daily. A verse of appreciation and a quiet mood help children focus on eating after an active morning.
  • During the meal time the afternoon teachers changeover with the morning teachers during lunch to provide a Walking in the forest at Toronto Waldorf Schoolseamless transition.
  • Indoor play time follows and then all lie down to rest. The teachers may play the lyre quietly, sing or perhaps tell a story. Some children sleep while others lie quietly and digest the activities of their day. A gentle back or foot massage may help some to settle.
  • Nap time: The time after nap will be very low key for these little ones. There will be a short time for further play in the garden or in very cold weather they will stay inside for more quiet play while their teacher spins, felts or colours with them.
  • Outdoor play time: Teachers take the children to the enclosed Nursery garden, go for walks, have adventures in the school forest, visit the chickens or sheep on our school farm, build stick houses, swing, slide, climb or make rivers in the sandbox. The natural resources of the TWS grounds provide a wide diversity of options for curious, active preschool children. Read more about what the children do typically.
  • Warm and wet weather clothing is needed to ensure children will fully benefit from this rich playtime.

At 3:30 pm children are picked up to return home.


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