High School

Science at Toronto Waldorf SchoolHigh School at Toronto Waldorf School is a wonderful blend of sciences, mathematics, arts and humanities, with a healthy dose of social life and physical activity.

Our deeper perspective on education bears visible fruit in the high school years; students are actively engaged demonstrating clear thinking, awareness and expertise in a wide variety of areas.

These are the years in which Waldorf education completes its contribution to each student’s foundation. It is our experience that nearly 100% of our graduates get into a university or other post-secondary program of their choice. In North America, over 94% Waldorf graduates attended post-secondary education. (View statistics here). Professors report they can identify Waldorf grads in their classes by their clear thinking and interest in both context and the reasons for phenomena.

Waldorf grads see behind the facts, seeking to understand the context and dynamic; they don’t focus on just memorizing for exams. Watch a short video on two Grade 12 students presenting their 3D printer project to younger students. Two Grade 12 students were placed second and third in a poetry contest.

A quiet confidence, an interest in the world and motivation to solve problems are notable traits of Waldorf grads. Their years at Waldorf have educated them for life. Watch our alumni/ae video profiles to see how Waldorf education helps them in their career and life.

Do browse our site or visit our campus to learn more. See how education from a deeper perspective™ can make a difference in students’ lives.

If you have any questions, please email Admissions or call at 905.881.6137 ext. 314.

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Leed Jackson, High School Faculty Chair

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