Players are to keep the Contract Section of this form and return the signed segment below to the coach(s).


As with all TWS extracurricular activities the central team goal for the 2016-17 season is to strive for the highest level of achievement possible. Players will work diligently to improve their skills, physical abilities, and understanding of the game while working with each other to build a strong team dynamic based on mutual respect, cooperative play, and universal support. Players are asked to keep these goals in mind throughout the season both during games and practices, always bearing in mind the idea that one always achieves in results what they put forth in effort.   


Attitude and Effort:

Players are expected to come to practices and games with a positive attitude and an open frame of mind. Negativity directed at coach(s), teammates, players and coaches on other teams, officials or spectators is not permitted whether during practices or at games and will affect a player’s opportunity to play in games, participate in practices, and even remain on the team. The positive mind set of each player, the coach(s), and the team as a whole is paramount to a successful and fulfilling season so please leave any negativity at the door.  One hundred percent effort is required of each player throughout the season whether in drills, physical training, scrimmages, or games. A lack of effort on the part of a player as judged by the coach(s) will not only affect that player’s opportunity for court time but will also more importantly, be a detriment to the team as a whole.  


Players are expected to attend ALL games and practices throughout the season and always be on time. If a player cannot attend either a practice or a game due to illness, important personal events or responsibilities, it is the responsibility of that player solely to personally inform the coach(s) prior to the scheduled event giving an acceptable amount of advanced notice. Sending word with teammates or other messengers at the time of a game, practice, or other scheduled event is not an acceptable form of communication. Players should communicate their absence by calling the coach(s) or Director directly at the school through the front office receptionist or leaving a detailed message with the receptionist to be relayed to either party if they are unavailable at the time of the call. A personal visit to the coach(s) at least a day before a scheduled event is an acceptable form of communicating an absence.  Missing practice or games without giving the proper notice will affect the playing time and role of a player.  Of course, allowances will be made in cases of personal emergency, but it is the expectation that each player will take attendance seriously for the good of the team.  





It is the responsibility of each player to keep up with their school work throughout the season. If a player is falling behind in their academics due to practices or games it is their responsibility to inform their coach(s) and their teachers so the situation can be quickly addressed. If a teacher requests that a player be kept from practices or games in order to catch up on missed school work, it is that player’s responsibility to do so and is out of the hands of the coach(s). Please keep up with your studies!

Set Up/Clean Up:  

It is asked that each player actively help set up and clean up after practices and games. This goes for the entire duration of the season!

Playing Time:  

As stated during the After School Sports Information Meeting at the beginning of the school year, playing time is at the discretion of the coach(s) and is based on the seniority, effort, and player performance (not necessarily in that order) as our league is a competitive one and the overall performance of the team is the utmost goal. Decisions made regarding playing time by the coach(s) are not up for discussion and players are asked to accept these decisions with an open mind. If a player feels very strongly that they are unhappy with their playing situation or wish to discuss their individual performance, they are asked to set up an appointment with the coach(s) at a time outside of practices or games. The coach(s) will strive to give all players the opportunity for court time when appropriate but patience and understanding must be given.  


As with any TWS extracurricular activity or sport where players travel off school grounds or host other schools at our facilities, it is the responsibility of each player to conduct themselves respectfully and with poise whether dealing with players from other schools, coaches, officials, or spectators. The behaviour of both players and coaches from TWS is a direct reflection on our school and therefore both must conduct themselves bearing this in mind. Let’s keep it classy.  



Players are expected to come to practices and games fully prepared. This includes the following:

-          Arrive prior to the 3:45 pm start time of ALL practices and be ready to participate right away.

-          Come prepared with clean athletic clothing for practices and proper footwear. Team uniforms are to be worn during games only and not at any other time including practices, gym class or outside of school.  

-          Arrive to all Home Games early with at least 15 minutes to spare to help set up, warm up properly, and meet with the coach(s).

-          Arrive for transportation to Away Games on time. If you are late you may be left behind.

-          Arrive at all games with a completeuniform and proper footwear. Failure to bring a complete uniform will result in a player not participating in the game.  A substitute uniform will not be given out.

-          It is the responsibility of players to be hydrated and well fed before games and practices. If you are hungry and thirsty you will not play at your peak.  

-          Players should provide their own water bottles (and snacks if necessary) for practices and games.





-          Team uniforms (jersey and shorts) are the property of TWS and not the player and must be cared for properly throughout the season and returned promptly and undamaged to the coach or Athletic Director at the end of the season. Failure to return a uniform or part of a uniform will result in payment to replace the entire uniform

-         Some team uniforms may require a deposit


It is the responsibility and duty of the coach(s) to treat each player with respect and consideration and to encourage and foster growth and improvement in that player throughout the season. The coach(s) is also required to provide to the best of their ability the most optimum training and instruction to give the team the best chance of success. It is the foremost job of the coach(s) to make sure the team is as successful as possible and therefore must put the good of the team ahead of the individual. It is expected that each player be attentive and respectful to their coach(s) and be considerate of the responsibilities their coach(s) bear. If a player feels that they are being mistreated by a coach(s) they are asked to contact the Athletic Director, Mary Jo Clark immediately.  



Players are to keep the Contract Section of this form and return the signed segment below to the coach(s).


By signing below a player agrees to follow the rules and guidelines outlined above for the duration of the season. Any breach of the given contract will affect the player’s role on the team and will result in measures at the discretion of the coach(s).  





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