Grade 1

Our school year begins with the ‘Rose Ceremony’ during which the Grade 12 class welcomes the new Grade 1 into the grade school community. The transition from Kindergarten to more structured learning in Grade One is an important step for students who are excited to join ‘the big school’. This ceremony marks this important passage from Kindergarten to Lower School.

Grade 1 students are eager to bond with their teacher and to be taught. They begin to experience a sense of individuality that gives them new capacities for learning and socializing; the challenges of the Grade 1 curriculum build upon these new capacities.

The Grade 1 year is structured around rhythm:

  • the calendar and its festivals
  • monthly change of the Main Lesson Block
  • the rhythm of the lessons balances quiet focus and active movement
  • each Main Lesson topic has a three day rhythm; students engage with the same material in different ways over three days.

Movement activities take advantage of children’s developing bodies to learn and strengthen memory.

  • Rhythmic clapping and stamping while reciting times tables engage the child’s whole body, not just the head, to fully understand the concept of times tables and multiplication.
  • Movement activities deepen learning and balance children’s natural desires to move with the quiet listening and writing activities of the lesson.


Click here for the timetable for the current semester.

Main Lesson Subjects

  • Student Activities at the Toronto Waldorf SchoolIntroduction to the alphabet and writing
  • Basic facts to 10
  • Introduction to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fairy tales
  • Folk Tales and nature stories – retold and dramatized

Skills Lessons

French, music (singing and recorder playing), eurythmy (a movement art), watercolour painting, drawing, modelling, knitting, rhythm exercises, form drawing, nature walks, games.

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