Grade 2

Painting at Toronto Waldorf SchoolStudents’ development continues in Grade Two. Each child has a deeper sense of his or her ability to grow and learn. This confidence comes with a bravado and social assertion that sometimes needs to be softened for a healthy social life.

  • The curriculum addresses this by presenting fables and stories of 'saints' or people who have had a special relationship with animals, e.g., St. Francis and the wolf. The animals in these stories reflect an aspect of our human nature that needs to be 'tamed', and the children find these stories reassuring and inspiring.

  • Grade 2 continues to be structured around rhythm:
    • the monthly change of the Main Lesson Block
    • the rhythm of the lesson balances quiet focus and active movement, as well as thinking and creative work.
    • each Main Lesson topic has a three day rhythm:
    • Day 1: introduce a subject
    • Day 2: recall the significant details of the presentation
    • Day 3: creating something
    • Students engage with the same material in different ways over three days.  
  • Recitation to build memory skills is central to class work. Hundreds of lines will be learned and retained over the course of the year, from the lines for the class play, to the many verses and stories told throughout the year. This capacity for memorization will stand the students in good stead in the academic years ahead.

  • Movement and other creative activities continue to foster strong math skills. The movement process grounds the learning in the body, rather than just in the head, deepening learning and making it accessible for wider use in later years.

  • Field trips in Grade Two build understanding of the connection between the children and our environment. They typically include trips to a farm, apple picking, skating trips and nature walks around the school and beyond. This direct experience of the natural world is an important base upon which to build future respect for the environment and the importance of sustainability.


Click here for the timetable for the current semester. 


Main Lesson Subjects

  • Writing (punctuation, syllables, capital letters, writing sentences)
  • Early reading skills
  • Arithmetic (multiplication tables, work with four processes, including carrying and borrowing)
  • Fables, legends and stories of Saints
  • A class play drawn from the curriculum may be staged

Skills Lessons

French, music (singing and recorder playing), eurythmy (a movement art), watercolour painting, drawing, modelling, knitting, crocheting, games, form drawing, crafts, nature walks

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