Grade 3

Grade Three is typically a time when children go through profound neurological and psychological shifts that occur between 9-10 years of age. We refer to this time as the 'nine year change'.

  • The Grade 3 curriculum brings a healing element to the psychological uncertainty the child feels at this time by teaching many practical life skills. These skills reassure the children that they will be able to take care of themselves one day.

  • The study of gardening and shelters around the world meets the students’ needs to relate concretely how they will make it one day on their own. Farming, gardening, food preparation and house building are a central focus of the curriculum. Go to this page to read and view photos about the importance of this experience. Students will be:
    • Planting and harvesting in the school garden;
    • Collecting compost daily throughout the school to feed the garden;
    • Baking and canning produce from the garden;
    • Visiting and staying at a working farm for 3 days;
    • Studying about shelter through the ages, around the world:
      • Influences of climate, environment;
      • Location and designs of dwelling;
      • And sometimes, a small building project.
  • The stories in the Hebrew Scriptures reflect the child’s psychological experience. Like Adam and Eve, the children are leaving the paradise of childhood behind and having to go out into the world and discover how to live with other people and with the land.

  • Measurement and its evolution: taking measure of the world gives the children the confidence that they can manage it. The learn how to measure - from a day’s journey to the king’s thumb width (which became our ‘inch’ measure!). Measuring length, width, weight and volume, charting time and handling money, all are important skills to possess.
  • Click Here for the timetable for the current semester.

Main Lesson Subjects 

  • Grade 3 shelter building at Toronto Waldorf SchoolLiteracy, basic elements of grammar, introduction of cursive writing
  • Arithmetic (long division & multiplication, add and subtract columns)
  • Measurement, time, money
  • Farming, gardening and house building
  • Hebrew stories and other wonder tales
  • Optional class play relating to the curriculum


Skills Lessons

Reading, French, music (notation of rhythm & notes, singing and recorder, rounds), introduction to string instruments, eurythmy (a movement art), painting, knitting and crocheting (additional skills), games/physical education, form and geometric drawing, farming and gardening

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