Grade 4

Grade four students often display self-assurance and the sense that they have ‘arrived’. New privileges are granted at school, such as the right to be on the playing field with students from the older grades. The forest playground remains a popular play location with swings, sand area and climbing structure; students often enjoy the feeling of their speed, strength and agility.

  • A student proudly presents her class project at Toronto Waldorf SchoolFocus on group activities draws the class together as a social whole: plays, movement lessons, games, stage performances and the ‘week in residence’ at Black Creek Pioneer Village all support this end.
  • Students need a great deal of form to meet school tasks, both academic and otherwise. Self-discipline and healthy work habits are developed at this age, often through spelling words and vocabulary lists in French.
  • Increasing objectivity permeates the curriculum, such as the first overt science study: study of the self and observation of similarities, differences and relationships between the human being and animals. This study is extended through painting, modelling, play acting and poetry recitation.
  • Geography study starts with the local area and its geographical characteristics. The class studies lives of the First Nations people before the arrival of Europeans, the effect of their arrival, intermingling between the peoples locally and the history of settlement in York Region, particularly Richmond Hill.
  • The week-long experience conducting classes at the Black Creek Pioneer Village school is a highlight of the year as students attend daily, in costume. The experience extends to appropriate lunches (in baskets and Mason jars) and recess activities including stilt walking, skipping and marble playing.


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Main Lesson Subjects

  • Arithmetic (fractions)
  • Reading, grammar, spelling, composition, dramatization
  • Local geography and history
  • Norse mythology and sagas
  • Study of humans and animals
  • Optional class play

Skills Lessons

French grammar and reading, music (songs in parts, tenor and alto recorders) stringed instruments continued, eurythmy (a movement art), painting, embroidery, hand sewing and cross-stitch, physical education, form drawing, gardening.

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