Grade 7

Most students will have their 13th birthday during this year; some will enjoy a cultural ceremony or celebration to mark this milestone. Almost all students will have reached puberty, and be in the early stages of adolescence with accompanying highly charged emotions.

  • Gardening at Toronto Waldorf SchoolBalancing the physical changes are the burgeoning intellect and a developing capacity for logical thought. Teachers approach material through observation as well as understanding the relationships between the material and human beings and society.
  • The class looks for opportunities to contribute to the larger community by volunteering in a well-organized, structured program. Support for a food bank, or Out-of-the-Cold program gives students a larger perspective on life, and plants seeds for future growth. The adage ‘think globally, act locally’ is reinforced in the life of the class.
  • The class play often draws on material from the Renaissance, and presents increasingly challenge to the actors. Over the years all students are assigned a large role to provide them with a challenging acting opportunity.


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Main Lesson Subjects

  • English composition, grammar, spelling, research papers, literature and drama
  • Class play
  • Geography of Europe and Africa, or the Americas (other topic in Grade 6)
  • The Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Discovery, Age of Exploration
  • Arthurian legends (1400-1700) (Grade 6 or 7)
  • Algebra, geometry, power, root
  • Physics, inorganic chemistry, astronomy, physiology
  • Perspective drawing

Skills Lessons

French, orchestra, eurythmy (a movement art), knitting (advanced), woodwork (carving, objects with moveable parts), physical education (circus arts, team sports), gardening, visual arts.

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