Grade 8

Grade Eight at TWS has a special quality as the culmination of the Lower School years. Many students have spent 8 or more years together, and see this year as the pinnacle of their school years to-date.

  • Class play at Toronto Waldorf SchoolHistory lessons focus on Revolutions (French, American and Industrial), mirroring the turmoil and yearning for independence students are experiencing as they enter adolescence.

  • The Grade 8 project, a year-long independent study on a topic of the student’s choice, reflects the students’ status. Students are given a clearly defined process to conduct research and present it in correct academic form. They also present a model or visual presentation of the theme, make an oral presentation, and answer questions posed by classmates, teachers and parents.

  • High School open mic nights are open to Grade 8 students, as the ‘seniors’ of the Lower School.

  • The class play is another key marker of this year. The script, often written by a well-known playwright, challenges the students in their speech, acting and teamwork. Students support the work to prepare sets, props, costumes, make up, lights and backstage and house management. The resulting production is enjoyed by other students, teachers, parents and community members. Recent Grade 8 plays include Fiddler on the Roof and Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  • The class trip is a key event, often involving a wilderness experience supported by guides. Most destinations involve nature activities, some with accompanying cultural experiences.

  • The final event of the year is the Grade 8 graduation. Students present a program of music, skits and thank-yous; the teacher presents diplomas with a word about each student. The graduation is attended by many family and friends and other community members.


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Main Lesson Subjects

  • English composition, grammar, literature
  • Geography: any parts of the world not covered in previous years
  • Canadian and American history, Industrial Revolution to modern history
  • Algebra, geometry
  • Meteorology, climatology, physics, organic chemistry, anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Special Grade 8 Play production

Skills Lessons

French, orchestra, eurythmy (a movement art), handwork (machine-sewn garments), woodwork (stool), physical education, gardening, visual arts.

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