Lower School

At Toronto Waldorf School, we describe our unique style of education as education from a deeper perspective™.

While education is a continuous process through life that never ends, it is grounded in the experiences of childhood and a child’s experiences at school. At TWS we strive to inspire our students to evolve into creative thinkers who are personally centred and strongly connected to humanity and the environment.

Toronto Waldorf School Lower SchoolOur curriculum is specifically designed to achieve these goals by: 

  • integrating subject matter with developmentally appropriate themes and pedagogical approaches, which appeal to the deepest interests of your child.
  • integrating academics, arts, movement and culture to appeal to diverse learning styles and cultivate the growth of intellectual as well as social-emotional capacities in your child.
  • providing extensive opportunities for children to be creative based on learning through designing, problem solving and developing strong capacities for analytical and creative thinking.

This combination of integration and hands on experience creates the optimum opportunity for healthy cognitive and emotional growth, and for building a foundation for success in Junior/Middle School, High School and beyond.

Learn more about Toronto Waldorf School by joining our tours!Please browse our website, watch our parents testimonials and our alumni/ae video profiles, join our school tour, and check out our summer camp program to experience the Waldorf approach. We invite you to delve into education from a deeper perspective™.

If you have any questions regarding Lower School Admissions, please email Admissions or call at 905.881.6137 ext. 314.

We look forward to meeting you,

Eleonora Ebata & Kathryn Humphrey
Lower School Faculty Co-Chairs