Toronto Waldorf School is a member of the following associations:

      Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA)


 Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN)

Toronto Waldorf School is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education and is authorized to grant credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSD) to our graduates. TWS High School courses are matched to Ontario Ministry of Education course codes, and it is inspected biennially by the Ontario Ministry of Education.



Toronto Waldorf School is a leader in Canada.Toronto Waldorf School was accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America in 2007. In its visiting report, TWS is "to be commended for embarking upon a co-accreditation review. In this regard, as in others, TWS is a leader in Canada."

The Visiting Committee also said TWS was commended:

  • for the strength of its academic program;
  • for the faculty's effective and aligned pedagogy which regularly engages students in critical thinking;
  • for program integration (the blending of disciplines, including both arts and academics) being a core value in Waldorf philosophy, keeping it alive and vibrant in the High School to an extent that it optimizes learning. This deserves special commendation and is clearly a strength of the school.
  • for significant allocation of resources and class time invested into the practical arts program, making it strong and vibrant throughout the school.
  • for the music and drama programs being strengths of the school.
  • because students are offered such an array of physical activities, for providing opportunities for success for all students, not just the athletic ones.
  • for being proactive in having a full time counsellor on the staff, which serves the school community in innumerable ways.  

The 2010 inspection from the Ontario Ministry of Education generated the following comments:

  • Students were exceptionally bright and interacted with the inspector very comfortably.
  • The level of discussion in the classes was phenomenal.
  • Students appeared to be happy, engaged in learning and interactive.
  • There was good rapport between students, teachers and each other.

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