The following contains written and video reviews from our parents and alumni/ae, as well as testimonials and videos from other Waldorf schools.

Reviews from Toronto Waldorf School Parents:

At TWS we have the experience that a whole team of teachers is interested in our daughters and working with us as parents to help them gracefully come into their fullest potential.

My daughters feel seen and held in a loving embrace. Learning for them is fun, rigorous and engaging. Furthermore, my wife and I see that they are offered appropriate and stimulating challenges for their development body, soul and spirit. Not only do they love school, but school is helping them develop into strong, resilient and caring people, people with whom I feel honoured to be building a lifelong relationship.

We are so grateful that this caring supportive and creative community exists for our daughters and for our whole family. Thank you for inviting us to create it with you!

  - Warren Lee Cohen, Grade 1 and 3 Parent

Toronto Waldorf School is one of the most nourishing environments we have found ourselves in. Every time I come to the school a feeling of warmth and hope envelops me. Located at the edge of the forest, the colors and fragrances of nature are at best display. We walk the path through the forest; pass a little bridge, underneath which a river runs through. Apples are in full blossom in the kindergarten yard, and little ducklings are around the school. Sounds like an idyllic place?

When we enter the school both senses and soul are nourished by the always-fresh flowers or plants, and beautiful art display in the foyer. Further down the hall there are soothing lazure paintings in the walls, and delicious smell of baking or soup making in the early childhood classes.

Toronto Waldorf School is hard work…for the whole family. It felt right from the beginning, but the decision to “immerse” ourselves in the school took some steps in time. It was a decision that involved full consciousness and a lot of contemplation; it involved making life and career decisions; it involved talking to people in the school, to parents who knew about both Waldorf and public education; it involved changing neighborhood, and making other sacrifices; it involved (initially) an intellectual curiosity about this method of education and the spiritual science it stems from (so I enrolled in the Foundation Studies program at the Rudolf Steiner Centre). More recently, I am discovering an even harder part: Toronto Waldorf School offers education to my children, but I too am made aware of the potential, and am offered the possibility to consciously discover my inner work path as a parent and as individual.

We love Toronto Waldorf School because it is our school. I have chosen not to use the term “drop the kids to school”, because I am bringing my children to school, but I as parent am also part of the school. We as parents are coming to make this our school. We are learning about the principles and values of Waldorf education, about the teacher-child-parent triangle. We have the potential (and the school allows and encourages) to bring our best in terms of skills, ideas and inspirations to make the school the best is can be.

I love Toronto Waldorf School because we can make it “the change we want to see in the world” (in Gandhi’s words). I cannot allow myself to complain about the school. If there is something that needs change, I see it as my responsibility to work with others in the school community to see this change to fruition. It may not always work as initially planned, but it is definitely worth doing the hard work.

It takes a village to raise a child. I love Toronto Waldorf School because it offers the potential for “the village”. The challenge is that I as parent have to work consciously into building the village. There is the potential for an intergenerational healthy, and vibrant community in the Toronto Waldorf School, but I have to nurture it, and become active member of this community. The beauty, the opportunity, and the challenge of the Toronto Waldorf School is that it will become what I put into it; it all depends on how much work, love and passion I choose to give to the school.

I love Toronto Waldorf School because it is al lot of fun. I see it in the smiling faces of my children, in their expansive creativity, in their freedom of movement, in their love for and oneness with nature; I see it when I talk to the teachers, to my fellow parents, to other school faculty and staff. We are learning and we are enjoying every single day at the Toronto Waldorf School.

  - Zheni Nasi, Kindergarten and Grade 1 Parent 

I love Waldorf education because it gives my children the best chance to develop the qualities that I believe are most important to a successful and happy life. Some of these qualities are resiliency, confidence that comes from within, and living from one's own truth.

I choose this school over others because I believe it does all this not only as an add-on (course or two) but as an integral part of the curriculum.

  - Douglas Yeung, Grade 1 and 4 Parent

We love that this school looks at educating the whole child. The faculty operates from a positive outlook that sees the strengths of each child; while working to develop the areas of need. This positive outlook gives the students the encouragement and healthy self-image necessary to foster self-confidence and risk taking. In her old school, our daughter would have stomach aches at the thought of attending, now she cries when the summer comes because she will miss school.

  - Barrett and Jennifer Kolari, Grade 6 Parents

We love Toronto Waldorf School because they encourage our children how to think, not what to think. How to see, not what to see. With this kind of education, the possibilities are endless.  

  - Jamie & Roberta Gale, Grade 10 and 12 Parents

This weekend, I have been watching my daughter dance at her first dance competition for this season in Niagara Falls.  As I watch her on the stage, I see how she stands apart from the others. No, not JUST because of my love for her. She is fully present, focused, joyful and grounded. She is not distracted by the audience or judges. She is completely in the moment. It is so much more than winning.

I see the value of those Eurythmy classes. I see the impact of having had a teacher she loved for eight years, whom she trusted and who loved her. I see how the youngest dancers (ages 3-6) cling to her and look up to her and how she always has time for them ...as the older children do on the playground at a Waldorf school.

As a "displaced person” from Nova Scotia, I left behind my community. At Waldorf, my daughter experienced a sense of community and belonging that has warmed my (mother’s) heart. I will be forever grateful to Waldorf for giving to my daughter the best emotionally intelligent education that I could pray for.

Thank you to the truly inspirational teachers!

  - Linda Samson, Grade 10 Parent  

We love TWS for two main reasons.

The teachers are the most dedicated group of educators you will ever meet. Their deep commitment to the children's learning and social development is obvious as soon as your child begins their journey at TWS. They focus on each child as an individual and work with the child based on their needs.  The teachers offer the fulsome academic, musical, artistic and physical education. This dedication and attention cannot be found anywhere else. This results in the best education we can offer our child worldwide. We are extremely grateful to our son's teacher and the specialty teachers.

Equally as important are the values that we see demonstrated at TWS. Respect for others, deference for god and the environment, playfulness (where else can you build a log fort at recess?), kindness, calmness, and instilling the love of learning and excellence are the values we see at TWS.  We are grateful that the teachers, Board, administration and TWS families share these values.

  - Susan Martin (Class of 1980) and Andrew Munro, Grade 6 Parents

I love TWS because the way I see the education meeting the needs of our children, specifically today’s children. I feel like I read articles weekly that point out gaps in current education and each time I realize there is a way that the Waldorf curriculum meets that need, whether it is nature deficit disorder, incidents of high school burn out due to extreme performance pressure, lack of exposure to diverse career opportunities through the arts, wood working and metal working or the fact that IT leaders like the late Steve Jobs hold off on exposing their children to technology, as they recognize it can be extremely addictive.

I don’t think all the wisdom of the Waldorf curriculum could be realized if it were not for the incredibly devoted group of teachers we are lucky to host at TWS. I think I have not met any educators in my life who are as passionate about seeing and meeting the needs of each and every child they encounter.

Thank you to the many people, founders, teachers, administrators and volunteer parents who work so hard to keep this education not just available but thriving.  We are excited for the years ahead.

  - Kate Davey, Grade 7 & 9 Parent

We love TWS because it's more then a school, it's a gift of a lifetime!

We came from Les Enfants de la Terre, a Waldorf school in Quebec because they don't have a high school. We went to one of the Open Houses at TWS without speaking much English. Our daughter felt it was just like home even though she did not understand nor speak a word in English. My husband and I toured the school while our daughter did some fingers knitting with a teacher. Although they did not have any conversation, they were connected and had a dialogue beyond words. This is why we love TWS because it's beyond physical and words cannot express our gratitude t be part of this community.

Moving to Toronto was a challenge for us. It was like moving to another country and we are still learning English!

Coming to TWS is not only about providing education to our daughter; It's also an education for us, with all the programs that we can learn from. Arscura, Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto and The Christian Community are the reasons why we love TWS. The TWS community is a gateway to several Steiner organizations and we are more than grateful. We love TWS because of all the beauties that we can explore and share. We love TWS because of all the wisdom that our daughter is surrounded by.

  - Sandra Lanoue and Yan Pastore, Grade 6 Parents

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