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Welcome to Toronto Waldorf School
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Welcome to Toronto Waldorf SchoolA bird's-eye view of the Toronto Waldorf School 20+ acre campus. Our school building is a unique specially designed polygonal structure.Fall splendour on the TWS campus.  Many students have passed through the entrance doors for more than 40 years.  The foyer; a meeting place at TWS.  The bulletin board in the foyer displays student work and thematic murals representing the seasons.  Play stands, cloths and toys from natural materials come alive with the child's imagination. A nature corner in an Early Childhood classroom: elements of the outdoors brought inside.Our Joyful Beginnings (0-2 years old) program strengthens parents relationship with their child.Children playing in our Parent & Tot (1.5-3 years old) program while parents are engaging in parenting discussion.Children in the Nursery (3-4 years old) class making bread with their teacher.Children playing in our kindergarten (4-6 years old) class.A hot organic lunch is served to Nursery & Kindergarten students attending TWS for the full day.Children playing in our enclosed playground.A Lower School classroom: each child brings a plant to school to care for each day.Young students paying close attention at their main lesson.A teacher's blackboard drawing for a Main Lesson on Greek Mythology.  A Grade 1 water colour painting lesson.  Grade 1 students learning about food at our vegetable garden.Grade 6 students working on their main lessonGrade 7 and 8 students playing music instruments at the Parents Festival.Students doing group activities in our large school field.Our EcoWerks organic water treatment plant doubles as a greenhouse for gardening classes.  Grade 8 students taking notes during their main lesson.A Grade 5 class proudly displays their colourful hand-knit socks, the fruits of their own labour.  Grade 6 students participating in Medieval Games.A production by Grade 8 students: A Midsummer Night's Dream Grade 12 students and their teacher discuss an image during the History Through Architecture Main Lesson.High School Choir performance at a fundraising eventHigh School students doing research for their assignment in the computer lab.Grade 12 students peforming their play, the Arabian NightsStudents conducting an experiment in the chemistry lab. A Grade 10 class building steps with carved stone in the vegetable garden as part of geography lesson.  An interactive High School Physics class.Grade 12 students recreating famous works of art in the art room.  High School girls playing in a volleyball tournament in the TWS main gym. Students discussing their chemistry lab report with their teacher.High School students performing circus arts for Lower School students in the main gym.  Many of our graduates received university entrance scholarships. Our alumni/ae also have been successful in their career - business, science, technology, art and so on.
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